Our team

Get to know the team of InterEco Services professionals:


Mgr. Lucie Hlavičková

She graduated the Faculty of Law of the Charles University in Prague. She has been a self-employed accountant since 1996 and since 2005  is she registered tax advisor (No. 3979). In InterEco services she works since 2004 and since 2007 is a company executive. She is the head of a tax advisors team, engaged in auditing accounting and tax issues. Mgr. Lucie Hlavičková is a lawyer and accountant in one person and this is the best combination for a tax advisor.


Mgr. Pavel Hlavička

He graduated the Faculty of Law of the Charles University in Prague. He worked for several years in a law firm with an international clients. Since 2007 he is an independent attorney at law (ČAK 11625). Since 2007, he is a company secretary of InterEco services, s.r.o. and provides legal support to workers and represents clients in negotiations with authorities. Additionally, he provides independently legal services with a focus on business and tax law. Mgr. Pavel Hlavička is not the one will process your accounting items, but sometimes it is useful to be in touch with an experienced lawyer.



Jana Kunová

She is specialist in payroll accounting, and she is in charge of our payroll team.


JUDr. Jan Hataš

He is an expert with years of experience in accounting and taxation. He is an expert in tax records, and his services are also provided separately from InterEco.


Ing. Hana Fialová

She deals with tax records management and payroll processing.


Marcela Vostřelová

She is an accountant who is working with our company as well.


Ludmila Ivanická

She is an accountant and payroll accountant.


Květa Masatová

Our assistant and administrative support.