Our prices

Accounting prices

The price for accounting is set individually. After evaluation we can come up with an offer of monthly flat fee or per document/item price.

  • Price 15-30 CZK/item (document)
  • Tax consulting 1500 CZK/hour
The more items you have the lower price you can get.
The price is set for the accounted item and it depends on the amount of items. We provide discounts for electronic bank statements and for companies with lots of items for accounting.
The price is final
We do not charge any additional payments. Every item is recorded into at least two lines (accounts) and then the item is entered into the general ledger. Even if the you get out highest price of 30 CZK per item/document, the price of one record in the general ledger is 7,5 CZK.
The price is fair

We always provide transparent pricing. Our clients know how many documents and items they have. It is easy to calculate the approximate price. We are not going to promise 7,5 CZK per record of general ledger and then send you much higher invoice than you would expect.

Wage management

We provide two ways of payroll management:

A - small companies within the limit of 15 employees
  • Payroll processing is provided at 300 CZK/employee/month
This price is final, there are no other payments required. There is also included our assistance during the authorities check.

B - suitable for the companies with more than 15 employees
  • Payroll processing without administration 150 CZK/employee/month
  • Administration – reports 200 CZK per report/form/confirmation
In this variant, the price of 150Kč includes only the calculation of salaries. Monthly reports are reported to the ČSSZ and health insurance companies, and applications, withdrawals, registration forms, certificates, etc. are always charged for CZK 200. 

Legal services

According to the law, the price is being set by our agreement or by the fee described in the decree of Ministry of Justice (vyhláška Ministerstva spravedlnosti č. 177/1996 Sb.).

The amount of the fee depends on the complexity of the matter, the demand for speed, the use of a foreign language or foreign law.

The price of our legal services starts at 1.500,-CZK/hour.